Access Rail System Greatly Reduces Risk from Falls

Business Segment: Safety at height, commercial marine

Location: The Mediterranean Sea

Project Description: For the owners, operators, guests, and the growing fraternity who charter superyachts, the pristine presentation of a yacht is fundamental to a ‘premium experience.’ For the skipper and crew, it’s the consequence of running a well-managed and maintained ship.

But whether at anchor, in port or underway, tackling maintenance at height or cleaning overside creates significant health and safety issues and obligations. Failure to follow guidelines or the use of inappropriate equipment is attributed to a number of high-profile life changing accidents.

Limited to a small number of crew, the potential risk of injury when working overside or a fall from height, whether overboard or onto a deck, remains a harsh reality. Guidelines such as MGN 578 (M) provides not only safe working practices but specific guidance on the use of “rail and trolley” and similar systems for undertaking overside work on yachts and other vessels.

Solution/Equipment Used: The Harken Industrial™ Access Rail system, has been tested, certified and approved (EN795:2012; Class D). It provides a robust, easily adjustable anchorage point for external maintenance and cleaning.

With the freedom of movement at height, users are secure and able to complete maintenance while locked safely in position.

Client Testimonial: TLC Refit and Repair, a UK-based specialist in superyacht refit services chose Harken Industrial as its preferred supplier of Access Rail systems.

According to Mark Lindsay, managing director at TLC Refit & Repair Ltd:

“With superyacht projects on all five continents, TLC R&R saw immediate benefits from Harken Industrial’s global supply chain support and after-sales service. But what was pivotal to our choice of supplier for Access Rail systems was technical support. We have to contend with a variety of differing interpretations of what is required, mainly from captains and management companies.  As a result, we have developed a code of practice, as we find there is a huge amount of hearsay and grey areas, especially regarding the installation and testing of Access Rail systems and padeyes. Harken Industrial’s assistance is invaluable.”

Summary: Harken Industrial’s ball bearing trolley-and-rail systems provide a smooth, simple way to move loads along a rail. Trolleys feature recirculating ball bearings to reduce friction, require no lubrication, and are designed with an open ball race for easy cleaning. Retrofit is easy with many yards offering Harken Industrial Access Rail as the preferred solution.