Block and Tackle Solution for Batting Cage Netting

Business Segment: Custom solutions

Location: Worldwide

Project Description: A company operating in the gymnasium and outdoor sporting field approached Harken Industrial™ with a problem. The company needed to raise and lower a net system to keep specified sports events within a confined area. Due to the nature of the events, and because they were held during the day, the system had to be easy to install and dismantle in order to avoid unnecessary delays, complications, or the need for in-depth user training.

Solution/Equipment Used: The Harken Industrial team came up with a small 2:1 block and tackle system that allowed one person to easily install and quickly dismantle the large netting system, making it easier for the area to be used for multiple purposes.

Summary: This solution was ideal because of the compact nature of the set-up. When the system is dismantled, there were no permanent frames or cable structures to worry about. Harken’s cam-cleat pulleys made tensioning adjustments easy, and allowed the user to adapt the netting to unusual room shapes and sizes. Venues could easily be changed between different sports (such as baseball to golf), with minimal hassle.