Installing Sliding Roofs, Windows, and Doors

Business Segment: Custom solutions

Locations: Sites in the UK and US.

Project Description: Moving large-scale and heavy roof panels, doors and windows is difficult and dangerous for workers. Roof panels, in addition to being very heavy, install on roofs, where space is limited. Sliding hurricane windows are very heavy. In addition, trolley and rail systems must be strong enough to support four times the weight of the panels, doors and windows to keep the bearings from compressing during long-term static loading.

Solution/Equipment Used: Harken Industrial™ has been asked by Glazing Vision in the UK, and other companies in the US and UK, to solve the problem of how to move architectural panels. The team recommended using a low-friction system to enable panels to easily slide into position. This is achieved using a standard 22 mm rail and trolley system on two sides of the roof panels. A 32 mm rail and trolley system with free-running Torlon® roller bearings has been used for the top of the hurricane doors, with a guide rail at the bottom.

Summary: The result is a much safer method for moving these large, heavy panels as well as for reducing worker fatigue and the chance of injury.

Torlon is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers L.L.C.