Lifting System for Stainless Steel Tank Equipment

Business Segment: Rope Access/Rescue

Location: South Africa

Project Description: Devise a system to allow workers on large stainless storage tanks to move equipment.

Solution/Equipment used: Saturn Stainless Steel built the tanks from the top down on hydraulic jacks, and used cranes and mobile platforms to move equipment at great cost. Harken Industrial™ chose to use a 46RWA Rewind™ Radial Line® Electric Winch from Harken’s sailing range that allows workers to easily hoist/lower an equipment cage using a rope rather than using a mobile platform.

The rope leads through three 57 mm ESP pulleys installed at the top of the tank and down to the winch for operation. A Harken Industrial Access Rail system with 27 mm high-load pinstop track and double trolleys allows workers to move the cage around the tank without using a crane or mobile work platform.

Summary: The Harken Industrial Access Rail system allows workers to move equipment and themselves around a tank without using a crane or mobile work platform, saving considerable time and expense.