LokHead™ winch testing with GRIMP 21

Business Segment: Rope Access/Rescue

Location: Dijon, France

Project Description: GRIMP 21 (Groupe de Reconnaissance et d’Intervention en Milieu Perilleux,’ (translated into Reconnaissance and Intervention in Dangerous Environments Group) is a department that specializes in rope-access rescue. The team needed the ability to rescue casualties using lightweight, easy-to-transport equipment built for multiple applications and for use in a variety of locations.

Solution/Equipment Used: The LokHead™ winch kit proved to be the perfect solution. It can be used manually with a handle, or with an electric drill with a power tool adapter. It is very fast to setup, and when used manually makes no noise. The winch’s two gears provide the team with the control and power they need to lift heavy weights, or to use on the ground, with a tripod, on a truck, or inside a building. One person can carry the LokHead winch.

Summary: The team is sent to a wide variety of unknown locations where getting on site and setting up equipment is often a matter of life or death. The versatility and light weight (4.2 kg or 9.3 lb), of the LokHead winch were key reasons for making it this team’s first choice.

This Harken Industrial product is featured in the case study above: INLH500KIT