Navigational Mast Climbing Kit Features Lokhead™ Winch

Business Segment: Commercial Marine

Location: Superyachts worldwide

Project Description: Growing demand for 24/7 connectivity to telephone networks, broadcast media, and high bandwidth internet links is resulting in navigational masts festooned with antennae and dishes in order to keep superyacht owners and guests in touch with the world. To ensure good satellite and data links, antennae are best located at height, clear from obstructions to radio signals caused by the ship’s superstructure. The result is an increasing need to carry out tasks that go beyond the routine of servicing a ship’s navigational lights. For the crew of superyachts, the increasing height of navigational masts, the increased density (and complexity) of antennae and satellite dishes, and the frequency of visits to the masthead, are making the task of working at height on navigational masts more demanding. To work effectively, crew need to be able to safely ascend/descend and tether securely at the best point on a mast to carry out the required services. Some navigational masts are designed with a ladder in place, however, most are not. At the masthead, the forward motion of the ship through the water is accentuated, testing even the best sea legs and accentuating the consequence of a fall from height.

Solution/Equipment Used: During the recent commissioning of a 70-meter superyacht, a crew member recognized the need for safer, secure access to the navigational mast. “We recognized the need for a fit-for-purpose solution to safely raise and lower crew members up the ship’s 9 m mast to service navigation lights and antennae,” according to the yacht’s builder. “At 9 m off the deck, movement at the top of the mast is exaggerated to that of hull. With limited options as to where a winch could be mounted and no options for the winch and rope to be left in place; we approached Harken in the UK for a solution. We wanted an off-the-shelf solution that was fit-for-purpose, self-contained and ready to go. Harken’s LokHead winch kit fit the bill for a quick set-up and easy lifting.”

Summary: Harken has created an easy-to-deploy mast climbing solution. The Harken Navigational Mast Climbing kit adheres to UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s regulation MGN 410 (M+F) Work at Height Directive, relating to the use of appropriate equipment for tasks such as mast maintenance. Supplied complete with a harness, back-up safety device, and extension sling, all of which will be stowed away in a Harken compact bag, the Harken LokHead winch kit comes supplied with its own hard case.

This Harken Industrial product is featured in the case study above: INLH500KIT