PowerSeat® Ascender and Roller Sling Used for Bridge Inspection in Puerto Rico

Business Segment: Safety at height

Location: The Jesus Izcoa Moure Bridge, which crosses Rio la Plata between the cities of Naranjito and Toa Alta.

Project: Perform a bridge inspection of a cable-stayed bridge in Puerto Rico. The north and south towers each have 48 cables making up the fans for a combined 96 cables that required inspecting at close range. The access plan mandated effective ascents from the road deck, a manageable transition onto the cable, controlled descent traversing the cable, and an emergency response/rescue plan that could be initiated from the road deck.

Solution/Equipment Used: A combination of the gas-powered PowerSeat® ascender and Roller Sling from Harken Industrial™ was used as the primary hardware on the inspection. The PowerSeat was used as a fixed point winch/haul system, anchored at road deck, making an automated ascending system that allowed for an easy transition into lowering or descent without any additional equipment. With the PowerSeat’s precision controls, an operator easily positioned an inspector within inches of transition locations. Having the PowerSeat set-up in this manner gave the rigging/standby rescue team a constant line of sight of everyone working at height, enhancing safety.

The Roller Sling was the perfect tool for the job. The slings made for an easy transition onto the cables and for a controlled descent of a traverse along a cable. The slings kept the engineers in the perfect position for an effective inspection.

Summary: The team of engineers was very happy with the Harken Industrial safety-enhancing solutions for working at height.

These Harken Industrial products were featured in the case study above: PWRS-G, IN106.3FT