PowerSeat® Used for UK Stadium Maintenance Project

Business Segment: Safety at Height, Rope Access

Location: England, UK

Project Description: The trend to ever more impressive architectural landmarks in the form of sports stadiums creates new challenges for maintenance.

As a part of the commitment to the maintenance of one of the world’s landmark sports stadiums and one of the largest club stadiums in the UK, a project was launched by a leading international specialist in surface protection to establish a work at height capability. Its goal: to facilitate cleaning and repainting of high-level steelwork and tensioned cables in a 55,000-seat venue as part of an ongoing refurbishment.

The challenge was obtaining safe access to all areas of the structure to undertake the work, specifically the painting of tensioned wires. The initial solution for the project was to utilize a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). However, in order to do this, contractors required a 75 m (246') machine and trained driver at a cost of £2,000 per day. The company wanted an alternative.

Solution/Equipment Used: Harken Industrial™ was contacted and an on-site assessment of a battery-powered Harken Industrial PowerSeat was scheduled. Harken Industrial worked with the client to devise various working scenarios where the PowerSeat would be used in place of the MEWP. The exercise revealed significant potential savings in time and cost, as well as increased safety and mobility of the workers.

PowerSeats were deployed to safely raise and lower operators working from twin lines, while providing a complete rescue solution. The PowerSeats were rigged as a “fixed personnel-riding winch” at roof level and operated by a controller/rescue coordinator, with the worker remaining seated throughout the work for comfort and safety. Further benefits came from the speed of setup/dismantling and being totally unobtrusive to normal site operations and the general public.

Summary: Using the PowerSeat in place of a conventional MEWP approach enabled the client to:

  • Significantly reduce costs
  • Increase safety, mobility and productivity of workers
  • Complete projects ahead of schedule
  • Eliminate impact on site operations as a result of reduced set up/dismantle times

This Harken Industrial product is featured in the case study above: PWRS-B