Radial Winch Used for Drilling Water Wells

Business Segment: Custom solutions

Location: Angola, Ethiopia, Peru, Africa, Haiti, North Korea, and other developing regions

Project Description: A missionary organization that serves developing countries asked Harken Industrial™ to devise an inexpensive and practical system to make it easy for villagers drilling water wells in remote areas to raise the rig’s drill head from as much as 15 m (50') below the ground.

Solution/Equipment Used: Harken Industrial’s team chose a single-speed 20STA Harken® Radial Self-Tailing winch to accomplish this task. This small, portable winch mounts on one leg of a tripod positioned over the bore hole. The winch’s 1:1 lift lets one person easily raise and lower the drill head. The low-friction winch handle features a ball bearing grip that efficiently transmits power into the winch.

Summary: Harken Industrial chose the 20STA winch because it was suitable for the environment and application. It’s reliable, and easy to operate. The winch is constructed of hardcoat-anodized aluminum for wear resistance and durability. The Delrin® bearing sleeve is almost maintenance free and requires only occasional rinsing.

Delrin® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.