Riggers Winch 500, a Dynamic Lifting Solution for Dynamic Access

Business Segment: Rope access, safety at height

Location: Dynamic Access is based in Birmingham, England, and serves companies throughout the United Kingdom.

Project Description: Dynamic Access -- a company that offers fast, effective rope access solutions for maintenance, inspection, and repair projects in a variety of industries -- came to Harken Industrial™ looking for an innovative lifting solution for a reglazing project on buildings with multi-levels or difficult access due to height, design, or access restrictions. A cost effective, versatile and robust product was required to undertake these complex projects, with mobility, versatility, and ease of use. Dynamic Access had been awarded a 12-week project to replace glass units on a 50 m (164′) building located in London’s Holland Green development.

Solution/Equipment Used: The manual Riggers Winch 500 was offered as a lifting solution that could be deployed at high or low heights, and in almost any orientation needed.  Winch portability and anchoring options allowed it to be deployed quickly at most locations on site. The Riggers Winch 500 can lift loads up to 500 kg (1100 lb) using fiber rope and fits perfectly with the company’s rope access competence, toolkit, and methods. The Riggers Winch was paired with a high-torque angle drill to reduce workload and optimize lifting speed.

The Riggers Winch was deployed at roof level, anchored to the structure, and powered with an angle drill to transfer 100 kg (120 lb) double glazed units to and from position. The winch was successfully deployed and relocated around the roof area for the duration of the project, greatly reducing cost and negative impact to the site, compared to a crane. At only 7 kg (15.4 lb), the Riggers Winch completed an average of 20 100 kg (220 lb) lifts per day, recording an estimated total distance of 50 – 60 km (31 – 37 miles), with no loss of time or performance over the 12-week program.

Client Testimonial:

“The Riggers Winch 500 brings us so much mobility and has transformed the way we work. The increased performance not only benefits Dynamic Access, but our clients as well. We wouldn’t want to be without it!”

Josh Anelli, Dynamic Access managing director

Summary: The Riggers Winch 500 has been used by Dynamic Access on a number of projects since it was purchased, delivering consistent results and becoming a highly valued piece of equipment.

Its ease of use and versatility are strengths that have earned it high acclaim as a ‘go to’ piece of lifting equipment within the company.

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