Sailing Expertise Extends to Sunny Problem at University of Virginia

Business Segment: Custom solutions

Project Description: The University of Virginia needed a way to put up a shade in a glass-covered atrium that had no sun protection and became too hot for visitors on sunny days.

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Solution/Equipment Used: Harken Industrial™ provided an affordable solution by mounting lightweight furling units to retract and deploy awnings to combat heat and provide sun protection. Furlers from Harken’s sailing product line were chosen because they were strong enough to take the strain and weight of the span length. Pulley leads were attached to the ground to easily access controls to the system.

Fabric was attached to the furler and pulley system then suspended from a wire without significantly increasing the load on the roof structure.

Summary: Using equipment from Harken’s sailing line successfully solved a problem with minimal expense and without adding significant weight to the structure.