Tent Washing Company Improves Machines with Harken Industrialâ„¢ Trolley and Rail System

Business Segment: Custom solutions

Location: Hampshire, UK

Project Description: Straight Eight Engineering provides premium marquee (party tent) washing machines for purchase, servicing, and short and long-term rental. Designed and manufactured in Hampshire, UK, the machines can wash tent sections up to 50 m in length and 5 m to 6 m wide, offering efficient and cost-effective ways for companies and individuals to clean their tents.

As part of the Straight Eight Engineering cleaning process, tent panels go through four stages of the washing cycle: loading and prewashing treatment, washing, rinsing and drying, folding and packing away.

When the washing process starts, the top carriage, which holds the marquee cover in place, has been designed to move to the center of the machine so that the panels can be unrolled and cleaned.

Because of the design, Straight Eight Engineering requires a system that will allow the top carriage to move from one section of the machine to the other, without it stopping and delaying the process.

Any solution must also accommodate the weight and pressure of the carriage when it’s in motion.

Solution/Equipment Used:

With our knowledge and experience in load-handling, Harken Industrial offered a solution that improves the efficiency and functionality of the company’s machines by using two key products; the R32 rail and a utility trolley.

Each washing machine requires a total of two rails and two trolleys to be installed, one at each end of the unit. The trolleys run on the newly installed rails, and the top carriage attaches to the trolleys on each side of the machine.

With a maximum rated load of 200 kg (20 kN / 440 lb), applying a safety factor of 4:1 for equipment, and low-friction ball bearings, the trolleys offer flexibility by taking the weight of the carriage and moving freely on the rails without

disruption. The Harken Industrial rail and trolley system has also been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, which is an added benefit during the washing cycle.

This setup is exactly what Straight Eight Engineering was seeking to make movement, maintenance and cleaning much easier.

Client Testimonial:

“The equipment that Harken Industrial suggested to us has helped improve the functionality of our washing machines. The trolley and rail system can take the weight of our carriages and allows the marquee panels to move smoothly through the washing process. It’s an accurate system. It provides the correct alignment we needed as part of our setup. It doesn’t rust over time.”

“Furthermore, one of the main benefits of the Harken Industrial utility trolleys is that the ball bearings don’t come out under pressure. For us, this is invaluable and has ultimately enabled our washing machines to operate more efficiently. Overall we have been extremely happy with the equipment and service offered by Harken Industrial.”

Peter Bonham Christie, director, Straight Eight Engineering


This project highlights the diversity in how Harken Industrial’s equipment can be used in a wide range of industries, sectors and applications.

Besides being used on boats and in the architectural world, load-handling apparatus is also ideal for moving industrial machinery in the utilities sector, as well as other areas, including window-washing apparatus, human suspension systems, and hoisting and moving stage equipment.

This case study details how trolley and rail systems can be used as a simple and low-maintenance way to transfer loads smoothly.

For anyone who requires a similar setup on a project they are working on, it’s also worth considering that rails can be bent to suit various applications.