Tree Care Company Uses Ninja™ Foot Ascender to Climb Faster and Easier

Business Segment: Arborist

Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Project Description: Climbing trees to carry out arborist work can be a tiring job. Climbers need to use the correct equipment to speed up this process, keeping them safe and productive.

Conserving energy is important as it allows climbers to maximize their efficiency and complete tasks faster and quicker.

Arborists want equipment that will make their work and life easier, which is where the new Harken Industrial™ Ninja comes into play. First though, meet Jo Hedger who was one of the first people in the UK to try out the new device.

Jo is the owner, climber and instructor of Arbor-Venture Tree Care. She climbs in the ISA Tree Climbing Championships, represents the UK chapter in the European Championships and travels to arborist competitions all over the world.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also three-time World Tree Climbing Champion and four-time European Champion! Quite an achievement.

Solution/Equipment Used: Harken Industrial met up with Jo and gave her the new Ninja foot ascender to use on a number of her upcoming arborist projects. This small device packs a punch when it comes to features.

Designed for both arborists and rope access professionals, the boot-mounted Ninja foot ascender makes single rope climbing rope easier – offering less resistance in the unweighted leg upswing.

It’s a lightweight, durable solution that can be used on either foot with rope up to 13 mm (5/16″) and has a maximum working load of 150 kg (330 lb).  

The dual cam system, based on Harken’s proven marine technology, provides symmetrical holding power on the ropes – from both sides simultaneously – with central load path meaning little device rotation under load.

Two transverse ribbed cams used in place of the typical, single toothed cam, which can be too aggressive and cause damage to the rope cover, are gentler on rope. The twin cams and fairlead guide make rope fitting and removal easier than traditional locking cams, minimizing accidental kickouts and keep the rope in place until you are ready to release it.

Jo used the Ninja to help her ascend trees and carry out her arborist work.

Check out the new Ninja video to see it in action and discover how it makes rope operations easier.

Client Testimonial: Here’s a look at what Jo had to say after using the Ninja for her work:

“I would highly recommend the Ninja foot ascender for professionals working in the arborist industry. As you climb, the low-profile device doesn’t move or twist on your boot and stays firmly in place. It’s really smooth and quick to get the rope in, plus the dual cam system works well to hold it securely without picking the rope or climbing line.”

“The Ninja makes our ascents quick and easy, which helps us save energy and focus on doing the best arborist job possible for our customers.”

Jo Hedger, Owner, Climber and Instructor of Arbor-Venture Tree Care

Summary: As the only foot ascender currently in the market that can be used on either foot, the Ninja is a versatile piece of kit that’s been designed with arborists and rope access professionals in mind.

Traditional methods involve using ascenders designed for either the left or right foot, whereas the Ninja removes this issue.

The dual cam technology significantly reduces wear on the rope compared to ascenders that use aggressive teeth, plus it provides sufficient holding power to avoid accidental kickouts.

This Harken Industrial product is featured in the case study above: IN400