Using the Riggers Winch 500 to Lighten the Load for Telecommunications Companies

Business Segment: Safety at Height

Location: United Kingdom

Project Description: Savills Telecom Ltd., works for a number of major global telecommunications companies, providing turnkey solutions to the industry. These include installation, maintenance, and upgrade services throughout the UK. Equipment is installed on a variety of structures nationwide from masts and towers, to arrays mounted on roof tops of commercial buildings and landmarks, in heavily built up areas, and in isolated and rugged locations. Lifting equipment needed to be anchored back to the structure, either at a low or high level, and rigged with deviations and guy lines, ensuring operators remain outside of exclusion zones, while optimizing lifting performance and load control. Operations normally require transfers of 80 kg (176 lb) antenna to heights of up to 50 m (164ft), with multiple lifts per day.

Solutions/Equipment Used: The Harken Industrial™ Tech Team recommended the Riggers 500 winch with a half-ton working load. At only 7 kg (15.4 lb), its small size and light weight allow it be carried as permanent kit in a vehicle. A robust mounting plate provides secure anchorage to most structures. Designed for use with fiber rope, the Riggers 500 has an almost limitless range. It also has the option of increasing lifting capacity by introducing a purchase system. Its manual drive performs better than conventional lifting equipment, while the use of a power drill (with an optional adapter) gives the user greater range and reduces workload.

Summary: The Riggers 500 is cost effective and has proven to be a quick and safe lifting solution. Savills reported that a single one-week project paid for the winch three times over by using it in place of a 75-ton crane. The savings would have been even more if a “temporary road” hadn’t been required for access. Applying such cost savings over the life of the winch, combined with reducing owned/hired equipment to a single, highly portable product, makes the Riggers 500 an essential piece of lifting equipment.

This Harken Industrial product is featured in the case study above: INRW500