C-Hero® VR-12 Rescue Pole with Recovery Strap

C-Hero® VR-12 Rescue Pole with Recovery Strap

Part No. IN147

Pole length (m) 3.6 m

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V” cleat holds the lift line and keeps line out of the way.

Rescue Strap has a one-way slide-buckle that will not back out.

Pole’s outer loop is wrapped in foam for victim comfort and increased pole buoyancy. The loop is wrapped in a red UV protectant reflective cover with SOLAS tape. The pole is foam-filled fiberglass tubing with a strong 60 x 60 x 1.9 cm (2’ x 2’ x 3/4") aluminum hoop that allows a single crew member to rescue a fully dressed person weighing up to 159 kg (350 lb).

The Recovery Strap features two 2.5 cm (1") web straps that fasten together. The Recovery Strap has 10 handles, allowing one or two persons to lift a person out of the water.

On deck, one or two crew members use the C-Hero VR-12 Rescue Pole to deploy the integral orange Rescue Strap over the head and under the arms of the person in the water for a vertical recovery – even if that person is unconscious. One or two crew members perform the recovery while remaining safe inside the bulwarks, utilizing the 10 alternating handles on the Recovery Strap. The handles continue on the strap all the way to the person in the water for ease of rescue. The system works without a lifting davit or winch, and can be used with up to 2.4 m (8') of freeboard. It can be re-rigged easily and quickly for additional rescues. Two detachable 1.8 m (6') long, 3.2 cm (1.25") diameter fiberglass foam-filled poles allow MOB to be pulled close to boat before deploying the strap. The Rescue Strap automatically detaches from the pole when being deployed.