Arborist Winch

Arborist Winch

Part No. 46.2STGNP

Maximum line Ø (mm) 22 mm

Maximum working load (kN) 12.7 kN

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Stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins provide strength and durability. Sealed gearbox and high-load roller bearings reduce friction under load, are corrosion resistant, and do not require lubrication.

The arborist winch has an extra tall drum to accommodate 5 wraps of 22 mm (3/4’) rope, which is commonly used in the industry. More wraps mean increased rope to capstan contact area, which leads to high efficiency when pulling. The winch has two settings providing a 44:1 and a 22:1 mechanical advantage, which allows a single ground person to lift, lower, and lock off tremendous loads quickly and safely.
Minimum line Ø (mm)10 mm
Minimum line Ø (in)3/8 in
Maximum line Ø (mm)22 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)7/8 in
Weight (kg)9.12 kg
Weight (lb)20.1 lb
Maximum working load (kN)12.7 kN
Maximum working load (lb)2866 lb
Breaking load (kN)33.3 kN
Breaking load (lb)7495 lb