PowerSeat® Ascenders

Electric-Powered LokHead Power Hauler (PowerSeat-Compact)

PowerSeat® Ascenders

Electric-Powered LokHead Power Hauler (PowerSeat-Compact)


Safe working load (kN) 3 kN

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Speed Control

The unit is operated using a fail-safe dead man’s switch to control ascent speed, up to 14 m/min (45.9 ft/min).


The braking system controls descent and provides workers protection against free falls. The encapsulating jaw cover protects fingers and clothing from catching in the winch.


Stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins provide strength and durability. Sealed gearbox and high-load roller bearings reduce friction under load. Roller bearings are corrosion resistant and do not require lubrication.

Automatic Cut-out

The Compact Electric PowerSeat has a thermal cut-out system within the motor to cut power to the seat when the working load is exceeded.


The Harken Industrial Electric PowerSeat has a 50.4V motor powered by 35 m long cable, connected to a 110/230V power supply transformer. Certified to IP54.

Harken Industrial™ electric-powered Lokhead™ Power Haulers are lightweight portable winches that are used in powered hauling applications and as mechanical ascenders for working at height. When used as an ascender, the user is suspended under the unit with full control from below. The electric Power Hauler can be operated in both outdoor and indoor environments where engine emissions are restricted.
Ascent speed with 120 kg/265 lb load (m/min)110V: 13.2; 230V: 13.5 m/min
Ascent speed with 120 kg/265 lb load (ft/min)110V: 43.3; 230V: 44.3 ft/min
Ascent speed with 300 kg/661 lb load (m/min)110V: 10.5; 230V: 10.5 m/min
Ascent speed with 300 kg/661 lb load (ft/min)110V: 34.4; 230V: 34.4 ft/min
Weight (kg)18 kg
Weight (lb)39 lb
Minimum line Ø (mm)10 mm
Minimum line Ø (in)3/8 in
Maximum line Ø (mm)12.7 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)1/2 in
Safe working load (kN)3 kN
Safe working load (kg)300 kg
Safe working load (lb)660 lb

The Harken Industrial™ Power Hauler (PWRS-G.COMPACT, PWRS-E.COMPACT, PWRS-B.COMPACT) is CE certified under the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and independently verified by Bureau Veritas.