Harken Industrial Acquires Elevated Safety, LLC

Harken Industrial has acquired Elevated Safety, LLC, of Chicago, Ill., a company  that trains, consults and equips rope access and rescue workers.

Harken Industrial customers will be able to draw upon the experience of Elevated Safety consultants who can recommend forward-thinking procedures and  the latest equipment in the areas of rope access, confined space, and project management, to get a job done quickly and safely. 

Sean Cogan, Harken Industrial sales manager, said the innovators at Harken Industrial will now have a depth of professional, multidisciplinary end users as part of a team for testing, evaluation, and input on product development. Elevated Safety gains a worldwide customer base and early access to Harken Industrial’s products.

 “Harken Industrial combines the knowledge of rope handling and high-tech materials used in competitive sailing with the techniques of the roping world while Elevated Safety blends the tradition of fire and rescue with the techniques of rope access,” Cogan said.   

 “Together we complete an offering like no other,” Cogan said. “We train, consult, and equip our clients in a fashion that we feel a customer deserves. We set a standard and accept nothing other than excellence. Elevated Safety and Harken Industrial have been working behind the scenes together for the better part of a decade, developing trust and respect. It made sense to combine.”

Elevated Safety co-owner Ross Chapman is excited to be part of Harken Industrial.

 “We believe Elevated Safety’s expertise on job sites and on the training ground, combined with Harken Industrial’s innovative solutions to rope access and rescue solutions, combine for an unbeatable team,” Chapman said.

Chapman said that Elevated Safety, as a dealer for a variety of category leading manufacturers of rope access and rescue equipment, would provide Harken Industrial customers another source for equipment.

Cogan said that Elevated Safety provides valued safety consulting so that Harken Industrial customers can proceed with confidence when using new methods and the latest equipment.

“Harken Industrial and Elevated Safety have common life blood,” Cogan said.

The privately held Elevated Safety was founded in 2010 and has a staff of 40 part-time instructors – all of whom are firefighters/paramedics. The firm’s primary service area is northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin but they have done training across the country and internationally.

“We’re excited to be part of a company that’s on the cutting edge of new products for rope access and rescue,” said Chapman, himself a firefighter/paramedic.

About Harken Industrial

Harken Industrial engineers and manufactures a wide range of efficient, durable, lightweight, load-handling and safe access solutions. Harken Industrial’s low-friction products include fiber rope winches, pulleys, trolley and rail systems, static attachments, rope ascent and controlled descent products. Many have the required regulatory certifications for human suspension and fall protection.

Harken Industrial is a division of Harken, Inc., a privately held company with more than 50 years of experience at the technological front of the sailing equipment industry. This expertise has empowered Harken Industrial to develop industrial equipment that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

With eight offices globally and a distributor network across 29 countries, Harken Industrial’s world-renowned service ensures that teams and end users can maximize productivity by completing their work safely, efficiently and on time.

About Elevated Safety

Elevated Safety was founded to educate anyone who works with their feet off the ground, providing safety techniques to ensure they make it home safely. The privately held firm accomplishes this through high-quality education and training, in accordance with established standards and safe practices.

In the years since Elevated Safety began, the firm’s reputation and experience has taken its instructors to locations across the U.S. and internationally. The staff -- all firefighters and paramedics -- is passionate about rope access and maintaining safety in the workplace. Elevated Safety’s staff remains active in the rope access community through continued training, service on SPRAT committees, and as members of professional organizations. For more information visit

Elevated Safety Services for Industry

Rope access/SPRAT Certification

Elevated Safety offers industrial rope access training to the certification levels of the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). These courses teach workers how to safely access structures using two-rope systems, as well as advanced techniques of structural progression and rescue. Rope access provides a safe, cost-effective, and efficient means of working-at-height, and is applicable to a growing number of industries and trades.

Fall Protection Systems and Training

Elevated Safety can perform fall protection audits, train staff, and install custom-designed permanent fall protection systems.

Rescue after a Fall -- Beyond Calling 911

Elevated Safety’s courses cover a full range of rescue options for client facilities. In addition to self rescue, buddy rescue, and team-based rescue techniques, the course covers basic first aid and techniques for caring for the injured worker.  Instructors demonstrate the newest equipment and techniques available, as well as use a client’s existing equipment.

Confined Spaces

OSHA requires that everyone who must enter a confined space for construction activities, maintenance, or other work be properly trained. Additionally, workers must have regular refresher training in the spaces in which they will be working.

Elevated Safety Offers:

  • Consultation, identification, and evaluation of confined spaces within a client’s facility
  • Training customized to meet the needs of the client’s organization and its confined spaces
  • Rescue plan development and team training
  • Standby rescue team services staffed by experienced professional first responders and rescuers

Rope Access for Professional Engineers

With an aging infrastructure and the desire to preserve our historic and landmark structures, professional engineers are finding themselves expected to access the inaccessible. Oftentimes, the reach of ladders, vehicle mounted aerial devices, scaffolding, or other systems is just not sufficient.

Rope access provides a cost effective and versatile means of inspecting difficult to reach structures and locations. Rope access equipment costs are substantially lower than renting cranes, hoists, or snooper trucks. Additionally, rope access used on rail and road bridges often requires little or no interruption to traffic.

Elevated Safety is the only resource you need to get your rope access program up and running. Elevated Safety can help with everything from consultation and guidance, to training and equipping your staff to be rope access technicians, and even providing Level 3 supervision and rigging services.

Programs for the Wind Energy Industry

Elevated Safety offers customized programs that include rope access techniques for working, self/partner rescue procedures, and nacelle (generator housing) emergency evacuation systems.

NDT Technicians

With a continuously aging infrastructure, there is a growing need for non-destructive testing (NDT) to be performed in elevated and difficult access areas. When ground ladders or scaffolds are not practical or available, rope access training and certification will give clients the additional tools necessary to get the job done. Beyond working at height, NDT technicians may find themselves in a confined space. It is critical to train technicians in recognizing and mitigating hazards within a confined space before ever entering one.

Entertainment Production and Stage Riggers

From stagehands to stuntmen, theater and production professionals often find themselves working high above the stage. From preventing falls, to rescuing a co-worker in the event they fall or have an emergency at height, Elevated Safety can help insure that nobody “breaks a leg” on a production by providing equipment, training or consultation.

Industrial Rescue Equipment Demos

Sometimes the hardest decision to make is what equipment you should invest in. Elevated Safety instructors have access to much of the most popular equipment in the industry, and can come and show you the ins and outs of each item, and let you test it to see if it meets your needs.

Elevated Safety Services for Fire/Rescue

Elevated Safety instructors are not only highly experienced rope access and rope rescue professionals, but are also certified fire service instructors and serve as professional rescuers on local, regional, and state deployment teams. They have countless years of experience training firefighters, industrial rescue teams, and technical rescue teams in the art of rope rescue.

Rope Rescue Training

Elevated Safety’s 40-hour Rope Rescue Operations course is a combination of classroom and hands-on practical training that will ensure participants are adequately prepared to operate at a rope rescue incident.

Tower Rescue Training

A one-day course on Basic Cell Tower Rescue provides firefighters and company officers the knowledge and tools necessary to safely manage the early stages of an emergency response at a cellular/radio communication site. In addition, Elevated Safety offers a one day Advanced Cell Tower Rescue course that provides technical rescue personnel with the knowledge and tools necessary to safely rescue a victim from a communications tower. A 40-hour course is also available for operations-level and technician-level workers to help them become prepared for emergency response to high-angle rescue incidents involving communications towers, radio towers, and other man-made structures.

Arborist Rescue for First Responders

This program is designed to provide critical skills required to successfully execute a rescue of a victim in a tree.

Other Services

Elevated Safety can serve as an on-site standby rescue team across a wide variety of situations and specialties.  In addition, Elevated Safety provides Level 3 rope access supervisors with the knowledge, experience and skills to manage a client’s most complex rigging and rope access projects. Elevated Safety also provides guidance and advice on installed safety systems, applicable regulations, confined spaces, or creating  a rescue plan.