Introducing the Harken Industrial™ Pro Team

Harken Industrial is pleased to introduce the Pro Team in Italy.

The role of this group is to test our equipment, pass on feedback to assist with product development, and use their extensive technical knowledge to support the Italian team.

They will also be involved with product demonstrations, events, plus collaborate to provide photography and video content of our work while out on the road.

Who is Part of the Pro Team?

The Pro Team has a wealth of technical expertise between them from working in a number of industries, including rope access, arboriculture, and rescue works.

The group consists of five members:

Martin Berner – graduated as a Technical Engineer and is a Mountain Guide IVBV, Ski Instructor and Rope Access Level 3. In 2004, he founded Bergstatt, a company dedicated to rope access work. Martin has been a Harken Industrial dealer for Austria and Switzerland since 2010. 

Massimo Camnasio – has been working as a Rope Access Technician for more than 18 years and is extremely passionate about the industry. He is an IRATA Level 3, SPRAT certified, and has a wealth of experience in industrial rescue. Massimo has collaborated with Harken Industrial since 2013.

Francesco Valgoi – since 2010 has worked as a Helicopter Rescue Technician and in 2011 he became a Technical Instructor working for an Italian mountain rescue team. Francesco graduated as a Mountain Guide in 2013 and in 2016 as an International Mountain Guide, as well as a National Instructor. He has a strong background in industrial rope access. 

Stefano Lorenzi – is a professional arborist who has been working with trees since 1994. In 2005 he became a Tree Climbing and Controlled Felling Instructor and he regularly volunteers to organize urban environment events for the SIA (Italian Society of Arboriculture).

Hugo Tripp – has worked in rope access since 2011 where he first started as a volunteer fireman. He has been a Rope Access Technician (FISAT Level 2) since 2016 and Rope Rescue Technician Level I/II since 2018. He is also a trainer and instructor for the work at height industry, as well as a rescue and PPE inspector.

(Images of the team members in the order listed above are shown in the gallery section below).

A Valuable Asset to the Harken Industrial Team

Max Delfi, Sales Manager for Harken Industrial in Italy, spoke about the introduction of the new team:

We’re extremely proud to introduce the Pro Team to our customers and suppliers and we know that their combined knowledge, expertise and passion for our industry will help us with future product development. Each individual really understands their trade, which makes them a valuable asset to the wider Harken Industrial team. We’re looking forward to working closely with them over the coming months on some of our upcoming, new and exciting projects.

The Pro Team have already started working out in the field with customers, including this recent PowerSeat demonstration at Carrara marble quarry in the Apuan Alps, Italy.

Part of the team will also be involved in the Rescue Trip, a series of events and demonstrations around Europe focused on rescue. The first stage will be in Spain in Montserrat on April 10th, 2019.

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