Nathan Paulin Crosses 2,200-Metre Slackline Above Mont-Saint-Michel Bay

Professional highliner, Nathan Paulin, has completed another crossing; this time walking along a 2,200-metre slackline above the incredible setting of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay in France.

The new accomplishment stands firmly alongside his other achievements, including 10 world records, showing his dedication in pushing the limits of this sport even further.

A number of companies and technical experts were involved in making the challenge possible, including the use of Harken equipment to secure the tightrope in place.

Details of the Slackline Challenge

Taking place at the end of May 2022, Nathan started his walk 100 metres above the ground on top of a mobile crane.

The crossing over land and sea took two hours to complete as he made his way, barefoot, along a two-centimetre-wide tightrope towards the Abbey on Mont-Saint-Michel Bay.

Safety protocols were in place throughout the attempt. Nathan was secured to a backup line and had a dedicated highline rescue team on standby to track his progress.

A clear line axis meant that no obstacles were present on the ground between the two high points during set up. To protect the structure of the building a choice of fixed points and external structures were used, as well as the use of a drone to avoid contact with the roof.

How did Harken help?

Before Nathan could carry out his highline attempt, a team of rope access professionals were in charge of logistics to determine how to set up the slackline.

The company, Rope & Web, helped with the technical coordination and installation and used the following Harken equipment:

  • A RW60 compact electric prototype winch to tension the highline and disengage the line in case of an emergency
  • A LokHead Power Hauler and LokHead Winch Kit to provide technicians and Nathan access to the top of the mobile crane
  • A Traction Winch 500 to assist with the setup of the slackline (traction of the webbing with a specific 5.5 mm diameter Dyneema® rope to pass the webbing above the structure)
  • A Clutch™ and Wingman to tension the guy lines to stabilize the top of the crane (made with a webbing of more than 180 m long)

Other companies involved in the project were CMC, Courant Vertical Living, Elevated Safety, Rig’Up, STREP System, plus technical teams to monitor the weather and manage the public space underneath the slackline.

“I am extremely proud with the outcome of this challenge; the location was amazing, the crossing itself felt great and everything ran smoothly without any problems. I would like to thank everyone who was involved for making the event possible. Harken’s lightweight and versatile equipment is exceptional and without it we wouldn’t have been able to set up the slackline as quickly. It was a vital part in assisting with the operation of the project.”

"My next dream is to attempt to walk between the Eiffel Tower and Montparnasse Tower, a distance of 2.7 km. The crossing I've just done proves to me that it is possible, at least technically.” - Nathan Paulin, Highline Professional

Huge congratulations to Nathan and his team for another highline achievement. Take a look at the images and video in the gallery section below. All images were taken by Stéphan Denys.

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