Nathan Paulin’s Incredible Highline Challenge with a Helping Hand from Harken Industrial

Highline professional Nathan Paulin completed a remarkable achievement at the end of 2019 by walking across a 510-meter slackline placed between two skyscrapers in France.

The crossing took Nathan just 35 minutes to complete while walking barefoot 150 m above ground. The challenge was shown live on French TV on channel France 2.

Photos in the gallery section below detail the preparation that went into making this challenge a reality, as well as the sheer height of the slackline between the two buildings.

The Highline Challenge

Crossing the tightrope was only part of the challenge. Before the attempt could start, Nathan’s team had to figure out a way of getting the slackline in position ready for him to begin the crossing.

A number of experts worked together to achieve this including Project Manager Alexandre Gomez de Miranda from Rope & Web and SDD Slackline.

The team had to consider technical installations above several buildings, requiring deflections and intermediate connection points to pull the strap from one building to the other.

The highline was eventually positioned in the business district of La Defense between the Coeur Défense towers (160 m tall) and Tour CB21 (180 m).

Helping Hand from Harken Industrial

A range of equipment was used to position the slackline including the Rigging Winch 500, the LokHead Winch Kit and the electric LokHead Power Hauler.

The Rigging Winch 500 was used for traction, pulling the 5.5 mm Dyneema cord and the webbing strap across the span during the assembly and disassembly of the highline.

Along with the electric LokHead Power Hauler, rigging winches were deployed on both ends of the line as hauling recovery devices to evacuate the highliner in the event of a rescue scenario.

A special rescue team was deployed and multiple test runs were carried out before Nathan was able to take on his first full attempt of the slackline crossing.

Nathan commented on the equipment used and how it helped their team during the preparation phase:

“Harken Industrial’s winches are extremely convenient to carry because they are lightweight and ergonomic which was a key benefit for us given that we needed rooftop access. Another advantage of these winches was being able to tow a thin 5 mm Dyneema rope and a slackline, 25 mm wide flat strap.”

“The versatility of the winches is a big plus for the projects we work on as we have specific needs that need to be met. Finally, the batteries bringing independence to the electricity network did not fail us. The two winches have been a precious help and necessary for this highline!”

Nathan Paulin, Highline Professional

Check out the video footage of Nathan’s journey across the French skyline.

Photo credit for images displayed in the gallery section below: Stéphan Denys.

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