New Harken Industrial TelluMount Stand for LokHead™ Winch Kit

Harken Industrial is pleased to announce the launch of the new TelluMount (INTMOUNT) ground stand for the LokHead™ Winch Kit.

Used in conjunction with the LokHead winch, the TelluMount offers a number of rigging solutions and has been designed for those working in rescue, lifting, and confined space operations.

Key Features

The TelluMount is made of durable, anodized aluminum and can be used in various rigging scenarios, including the ground, flat surface, or mounted to a wall.

Different sized 24kN rigging points on each side of the stand allow for multiple mounting options. The LokHead winch secures to the stand via its reversible plate (see images in the gallery section below).

The LokHead Winch Kit in combination with the TelluMount is certified under EN1496. Check out the product page for further information, resources and downloadable photos.

What the Professionals Say

Technical rope access and training experts who have used the device have commented on its benefits and capabilities:

“The Harken Industrial TelluMount is an essential accessory to the LokHead winch and one that technical rescue teams will find invaluable. The mount opens up a huge range of rigging options particularly when not using an artificial high directional. We have found the application of the TelluMount during low angle rescue operations has increased both speed and efficiency by opening up the possibility of a floor mounted LokHead winch.”

Tom Gwilliam, Training Director, Specialist Training Consultants (STC)

“The TelluMount completes the perfect rescue system allowing for multiple rigging scenarios and anchoring solutions, based around the LokHead winch. The TelluMount stand can be used on structures or in built-up or open environments and can be mechanically fastened or secured using anchor straps and/or slings, making it extremely versatile. The adaptability and portability of the TelluMount allows us to save time in operational setup and resources and to focus on rescuing.”

Martin Berner, Technical Engineer, Mountain Guide and Rope Access Level 3

TelluMount Pictures

Images of the TelluMount are displayed in the gallery section below from three locations; an STC training session, a Rescue Trip demo in Italy, plus a separate simulation of an emergency rescue on the Noce River in Italy at the Rescue Congress.

The Rescue Congress images show the LokHead Winch Kit anchored to a bridge with the TelluMount being used for recovery of an injured person from a life raft on the river.

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