Rigging and Rope Rescue Expert, Lance Piatt, Visits Harken Industrial™

The team at Harken Industrial™ recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing rigging and rope training expert, Lance Piatt, at our headquarters in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Lance is a widely known and respected name in the industry and is the CEO and founder of Rigging Lab Academy, a global online community and training hub for rigging and rescue professionals.

Founded in 2005, the company offers e-courses and certifications in rigging and rescue techniques. Lance brings more than 25 years of experience to Rigging Lab. It was great to get an insight into his views and opinions.

What Did We Learn?

In a behind-the-scenes video, Lance spoke about the current state of the industry, the changes that need to be made to drive future development, as well as his view on what Harken Industrial has achieved.

He also spent time looking at the work we do, the solutions we offer, and watching the team take apart some of our winches, including the LokHead, to understand how they’re built.

During the interview, Lance commented on his relationship with us and how our progress in product development has pushed the industry forward:

“Harken has done a ton to help me move the aspects of innovation and transformation forward. The historical precedence of what Harken has done before in the maritime arena has set them into expert status in terms of winches and all kinds of things, and I think by the sheer fact of the culture of what they’re bringing in, they’re taking it by surprise and by storm.”

Lance Piatt, CEO and founder, Rigging Lab Academy

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Take a look at the behind the scenes video.

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