Video: The Importance of the CMC™ GRIMP™ North America Challenge

Back in March 2019, team members from Harken Industrial™ and Elevated Safety joined forces to take part in the CMC™ GRIMP™ North America Challenge…and if you didn’t know already…we won!

Since then, we’ve created the video below, which looks at the importance of participating in this competition and what it means for the progression of the rope access and rescue industry.

The confined space and rope rescue challenge took place on decommissioned World War II battleship, the USS Iowa, and attracted six teams from the US, plus four from the rest of the world.

With so much knowledge and thought leadership in one place, it was the perfect environment to learn from all the teams that participated and share ideas to make the industry stronger.

Why do we Participate in GRIMP?

Events like this make us better rescuers and allow us to take any reoccurring issues back to Harken Industrial’s engineering team so we can develop future solutions that are more efficient and safer.

GRIMP is important in our industry and we take part, not only for the competition itself, but equally to guarantee that we’re thought leaders, to verify the products we build, and to make sure the solutions we offer are at the cutting edge of technology.

Both Elevated Safety and Harken Industrial staff are end users of our products, so customers can feel assured that we have the knowledge and insights on how to get the best out of our equipment. This translates not only to customers, but also to users who engage in training with us.

Check out the video below and find out what members of our team (H-Elevated) at the competition, including Harken CEO Bill Goggins, had to say about GRIMP.

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