Our Brands

Our Brands

Elevated Safety

Elevated Safety was founded to educate anyone who works with their feet off the ground in safe practices that help ensure workers make it home safely. The company achieves this through high-quality working at height technique training, in accordance with established standards and safe practices. It curates and sells high-quality rope access and rescue equipment including that which is used in their classes. Elevated Safety also provides safety consulting services at job sites where work is executed off the ground.

The Elevated Safety staff is comprised entirely of fire/rescue first responders who remain engaged in those ‘day jobs.’ They are passionate about how rope techniques can maintain and restore safety in the commercial environment. Elevated Safety remains active in the rope access community though continued training, service on SPRAT committees, and as members of professional organizations. In addition, Elevated Safety team members participate with their Harken Industrial colleagues in International GRIMP competitions. In March, 2019, their “H-Elevated” team won the first GRIMP Challenge staged in North America.

Elevated Safety is a Harken Industrial company. It is headquartered in the Greater Chicago area in north eastern Illinois, USA.


Cascade Rescue

Cascade Rescue Company manufactures the highest quality, most durable, reliable and technologically advanced rescue gear for those who put their own safety on the line to save others. The company’s key customers are members of fire departments, ski patrols, EMS units, sheriff’s offices or search and rescue units.

Cascade Toboggan was born in 1962 when its founder, a volunteer ski patroller, pulled four ‘rescue toboggans’ to safety in a single day and decided there ‘must be a better way’ to assist both victims and rescuers. Since that era, through an unending commitment to continuous product improvement and new initiatives, the company has continued expand.

Today Cascade Toboggans and Rescue Litters are in use at virtually every ski area in the USA as well as in twenty-three countries around the world. It manufactures or distributes one hundred fifty other products including gondola & lift evacuation equipment, wheeled rescue litters, cordage and webbing, personal rescue gear and arborist gear. The company was renamed Cascade Rescue Company in 2009 to more accurately reflect the increasing depth and diversity of its products and services. In 2019, the company agreed to be acquired by Harken Industrial. The companies share very similar values, a supportive culture for employees and a ‘never satisfied’ relationship with their product lines.

Cascade Rescue is a Harken Industrial brand. It is headquartered in Sand Point in the panhandle of Idaho, USA.



Founded in 1967, during the golden age of high-altitude mountaineering, SMC gear has accompanied many of the America’s finest climbers on historic ascents of peaks like K2 and Everest.

From those early days, when the company produced its first carabiner at the request of the original REI Co-op store, SMC equipment has attracted a dedicated following and the company has steadily grown. Today the company is the largest producer of carabiners in the U.S. and offers a wide assortment of technical gear that includes pulleys, rope grabs, ice axes and sophisticated edge management equipment like the TerrAdaptor tripod system.

As climbers of the 60’s and 70’s became the technical rescue experts of the 80’s those first responders required quality hardware that would reliably perform in demanding rescue environments. Their requests for stronger, more sophisticated products with the required testing and regulatory certifications, launched SMC’s technical rescue division which has become its fastest-growing division.

SMC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. All SMC gear is made in the USA in a facility located between Seattle and the Canadian border in Ferndale, Washington.