Harken Industrial Acquires Seattle Manufacturing Corporation (SMC)

Harken Industrial is pleased to announce the acquisition of Seattle Manufacturing Corporation (SMC), a premier manufacturer of technical rescue and mountaineering equipment. The company is headquartered in the Seattle suburb of Ferndale, Washington. The acquisition provides Harken Industrial the potential to penetrate new markets by expanding the design, production and distribution of SMC products while simultaneously bundling those offerings with those of its growing network of industrial companies which now includes Harken Industrial, Cascade Rescue and Elevated Safety.

Since 1967 when it produced its first carabiner at the request of the original REI Co-op store, SMC’s designs and production have attracted a dedicated following and the company has steadily grown. Today, it produces more carabiners than any manufacturer in the U.S. and offers a growing assortment of technical gear that includes pulleys, rope grabs, ice axes and sophisticated portable anchoring and edge management equipment.

“From the minute we met Kathy Hughes and her team and began to understand SMC in detail, we felt a kinship with their uncompromised approach to making the best gear and developing their employees. We feel this is an incredible opportunity for both companies. At Harken Industrial, we’re excited to help continue their traditions as we work together to grow,” said Matt Malec, Harken Inc. COO.

“The most important requirement on my hot list when evaluating any potential acquisition was to make sure our team would be well taken care of. They are the heart and soul of what makes SMC special, and, above all else, I needed to know that their future was in good hands. This is not an easy find in these days of venture capital acquisition. I am extremely happy to know that as an employee-owned company, Harken has a commitment to its employees, culture and products very similar to what we have built here,” said Kathy Hughes, SMC President.

SMC will continue to operate from its Ferndale location. Kathy Hughes and the team will continue with day-to-day operations. Harken Industrial will provide tools and resources to help the SMC brand expand and thrive while maintaining the values and high standards that have made the company outstanding.

About SMC

SMC is one of America’s most trusted technical rescue brands. Founded as the Seattle Manufacturing Corporation in 1967 during the golden age of high-altitude mountaineering, SMC products have accompanied many of the Northwest’s finest climbers on historic ascents of peaks like Everest and K2. Today, SMC continues to produce ice axes and other mountaineering gear but is primarily focused on the manufacture of carabiners, pulleys and other quality equipment for those who work in technical rescue, arborism and rope access. SMC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, a certification process that guarantees reliability and efficiency in production. All SMC products are made in the U.S. at its Ferndale, Washington facility.

About Harken Industrial

Harken Industrial engineers and manufactures a wide range of efficient, durable lightweight, load-handling and safe access solutions. Its low-friction, high-efficiency products include fiber rope winches, pulleys, trolley and rail systems, static attachments, rope ascent and controlled descent products. Where required, all have regulatory certifications for human suspension and fall protection. Harken Industrial is a division of Harken Inc., a 100% employee-owned company with more than 50 years of experience at the technological front of the sailing equipment industry. Its expertise collaborating with thought leaders on ever-improving designs, combined with an undaunted culture, empowers Harken Industrial to assemble a network of companies producing unique rope access and rescue equipment. With nine offices globally and a distributor network across 29 countries, Harken Industrial’s world-renowned service ensures that teams and end users can maximize productivity by completing their work safely and efficiently.

For further information please contact the Harken Industrial team.